Ever since I can remember, I have been my happiest when immersed in messiness. Whether it be creating bowls out of mud & clay in the summertime, or painting everywhere but inside the lines in the winter as a kid. Against my own will, I now have to 'adult'...and adulting is messy. Juggling graduate school, an internship, photography, and a "real job"; while also balancing relationships, teaching our pup to please please please just go to the bathroom outside, and, like, eat real food. Soon I will be entering into the next chapter of my life as a social worker, where the world really needs me. "The system" has failed so many, and I feel so passionately about walking into this mess head-on and doing what I can to clean up the world a little bit.

I was born & raised here in the land of 10,000 lakes, living in the same home for my first 22 years. I lived a childhood full of sports, mud, crafts, animals & community. Growing up with 3 wild brothers was the best gift my parents could have ever given me. Family dinner these days consist of soul-fueling food, baseball, engaging conversation, baseball, laughs, a lot of interrupting, yelling over one another in the most loving of ways, and did I mention baseball?...And then there are four tiny humans stuffing their faces & a minimum of three dogs between our feet. We embrace dysfunction beautifully (see photo 3). 

The kitchen table is where I learned how to engage with others when there may be a million other things going on. My freaking awesome family has strongly influenced my work as a photographer & has strengthened my ability to build fast friendships. People utterly fascinate me, making my path as a social worker & photographer perfectly fitting.

I adventure through life with my partner & best friend, Braden. He works in the solar energy industry, so between the two of us we are bound to save the world (you're welcome). We live in NE Minneapolis with our two rescued doxie pups, Bessie & Otis, who we ADORE. I have often struggled to make sense of life throughout my years, and life simply just makes sense with Braden. He faces my fears head-on with me, and is always waiting for a hug at the end of the day. The unconventional life that we have built together is what makes my world go round.

Let's make memories together!

xx, Hannah